Transportation Facility

  • Keep your child ready a few minutes before the expected arrival of the van. Please do not keep the van waiting as this will inconvenience other parents and kids.
  • If the van is a few minutes late, the likely cause of delay is unavoidable slow traffic in some streets. We need your cooperation and understanding.
  • You must inform the Director or Assistant Director regarding any changes in your address, fetching or dropping station or if your child is ill or is not coming to the center on or before 7:40 in the morning and preferably with a written note on the child’s diary.

If your child is to be received by a fetcher by the street, instruct the fetcher to be there on time.


  • If you are not availing of our van service, kindly bring your child to the center at least 10 minutes before classes start and set a regular time for fetching your child and inform the center regarding any changes or if there is a new fetcher.
  • If you are not availing of the afternoon coaching program, your child can remain in the center until the fetcher arrives. However, s/he will not receive any formal instruction.