ISK is an international school, located in the heart of Srinagar city. With a unique approach in helping children develop and attain their full potential, ISK aims to:

  • Foster love for learning
  • Provide enjoyable and meaningful learning experience in the formative years
  • Prepare children for future social and academic activities
We offer:

  • International Curriculum -“Education Rainbow” is the prism through which the ‘multiple intelligences’ of its community of learners will shine
  • International Pool of Educators
  • Authentic Montessori Materials, Montessori Method, Montessori-Style Classrooms
  • Well-furnished Montessori-design classrooms replete with level-appropriate hands-on materials
  • After-School Programs: Football, Painting, Piano, Speech Club, Reading Club and other Outdoor Facilities
  • Foreign Languages – Arabic, Spanish, German
  • Well-balanced academic and co-curricular program
With a pool of local and international educators, complete indoor and outdoor facilities, a research-based holistic “Education Rainbow” curriculum, among many other features, ISK is a school that is committed to providing the optimal developmental milieu for your child.
Let your child’s journey of ‘joy’ and ‘learning’ begin today in the light of Truth, Faith, Knowledge, Excellence, and Service!   Welcome to ISK!