Our Beginnings

Our Beginnings
Amidst the sad state of early childhood education where rhymes were no longer sung merrily but in a robotic manner, where textbooks imprisoned the mind, where school bags burdened the backs, and classrooms bored the child, where children have been deprived their right to play by schools who have yet to realize the harm that they are doing to children by subjecting children to pressure-ridden and play-bereft years of rote-memorization, an inspired action began to bring ‘joy’ back to childhood, and bring ‘learning’ back to childhood experiences.
In December 2005, in a small rented house with only four rooms, Teacher Satria began her ‘winter camp’ for kids. It was a sincere and quiet undertaking. But the passion for children’s education burning bright in her heart soon spread like wildfire. Parents were amazed at how their kids started becoming ‘active learners’ who sought knowledge and not just ‘grades’ at school. During the course of the camp, the children would come home with bright smiles, eager for more activities that Teacher Satria has provided them.  These children, whose natural energy and talents were repressed in traditional schools, have never thought of “learning” as an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.  Parents were equally delighted as they were amazed at how their children’s negative attitude towards learning transformed into one of deep enthusiasm. When before, their parents had to force them to complete their homework, Teacher Satria’s students were now eager to complete their homework and to read more and more books! In their homes, they shared their experiences—all of it sounded as if the kids were just playing or enjoying. But the parents realized that their kids are indeed enjoying and simultaneously becoming faster in math, better in reading and spelling, and more fluent in English! There was one problem: the kids wanted to go to Teacher Satria’s camp but were sad about returning to their own big schools which they considered dull and uninviting –internally and externally. In no time, the parents realized that “quality education” was less about infrastructure than it was about expertise, passion, and sincerity. Finally, they asserted their need for a full-fledged school by Teacher Satria. They knew that the kind of “quality education” as well as research-based teaching methods that Teacher Satria employed were lacking in the schools in Kashmir.
Hence, urged by parents and driven by their own vision to nurture and educate children in their crucial formative stage, Teacher Satria and Mr. Zeeshan Pandith established “Little Wonders Center for Early Childhood Education” in early spring of 2006. Six years hence, children and parents continue to benefit from the child-centered methods that brought ‘joy’ back to childhood and ‘learning’ back to childhood experiences in Kashmir.
With the belief that educating children is an endeavor to “build our future”, Little Wonders became the first preschool to hold an environment-themed annual show and environment-friendly art exhibit in 2009. This was the start of many ‘firsts’.  Little Wonders also became the first preschool to hold a Marathon cum Family Day to “Save Dal Lake.” In October 2010, Little Wonders became the first preschool to hold a Football-Themed Sports Day conducted by an international football coach.
Inspired by Little Wonders’ success as a pioneer in providing excellence in early childhood care and education, and driven by the need to provide a continuum of well-rounded education from preschool up to the primary grades, the founders of Little Wonders is pleased to give you the International School Kashmir—a school that will lift the standard of primary education in the Valley. With a pool of local and international educators, complete indoor and outdoor facilities, a research-based holistic “Education Rainbow” curriculum, among many other features, ISK is a school that is committed to providing the optimal developmental milieu for your child.
Let your child’s journey of ‘joy’ and ‘learning’ begin today in the light of Truth, Faith, Knowledge, Excellence, and Service!   Welcome to ISK!