Grade 1 Phonics reviewer for 1st trimester 2016

Phonics Grade 1

  • Study all the previously accomplished worksheets, reading lists, and lessons from textbook and workbooks which will be sent to home shortly.
  • Be ready for spelling by dictation, picture spelling identification, fill in the missing letters, sentence making, fill in the blanks in a given text using the words from the helpbox
  • Digraphs

sh, ch, ck, wh, th

BDR – Shalu p8

Shalu has a ___________.

She wants a __________.

Chimp from China p13

Chou is a____________.

Chou is from _____________.

BDW – p28, 32, 34, 36

  • ill/ell

BDR-House upon the Hill p17

Up and Down p18

Ring the bell p25

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