LKG Online Learning Support for Phonics – Ending Sounds

Dear Parents,

Assalamu alaykum! Welcome to the ISK Online Learning Support for Phonics. ISK is glad to help parents and children continue learning all throughout the winter break.

These videos and slideshows aim to help children learn even while the family is travelling or on a holiday far away from your hometown where a personal tutor would be hard to come by. Besides, not every tutor or winter coaching personnel is trained to teach Phonics. These online learning materials are not just for travelers and holiday-makers. These will benefit all the children. Even if you’re just at home, viewing the videos and slideshows will help reinforce basic skills and foundational knowledge. Your child can repeat a particular video or slideshow for as many times as he needs to ensure that he masters a lesson before moving on the next one. Now, it’s so easy to learn and practice Phonics lesson wherever and whenever.

ISK Online Learning Support for Phonics will be posting new online learning material every week. If you like our learning videos, you are welcome to share your comments on our facebook page.

Striving for excellence in education,



Ending Sounds – Part 1

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