The 2nd Semester Assessment in UKG English was indefinitely postponed as the flood calamity struck the Valley. As soon as school reopens, the 2nd semester assessments will be be held immediately. Even though the reviewers were already sent before the closing of the schools, we are posting it online because many families have been displaced and even partially affected households are in a state of disarray. E-copies of relevant pages of the textbooks will also be provided.

2nd Semester Reviewer – UKG ENGLISH

Main Contents: 

  1. Lesson 4: This, That, These, Those
  2. Lesson 5: Singular and Plural pages 39-51 (In the assessment, pictures will be shown in random order.)
  3. Spelling of 3-letter words in singular and plural forms (man-men, bag-bags, cap-caps)
  4. Spelling of fruits (page 40) in singular and plural forms
  5. Spelling of 10 flowers
  6. Voiced and Voiceless ‘th’
  7. Rhymes 
  • Three Blind Mice
  • Three Men in a Tub
  • Little Bo Peep

Study lessons and examples in ISK Kinder English

Study previously accomplished practice worksheets





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